Sunday, 1 December 2013


  1. Mildly Concerned (until the end of November)
You’ll have a nervous feeling, knowing if you don’t start shopping soon, you’re going to get worried – Christmas is coming and you need to start buying gifts.  You’ll be noting possible presents to buy but not actually purchasing, thinking you still have plenty of time and you’ll come back later.
TOP TIP – When you see something you like, make a note of who it’s for, where you saw it and the cost so you can compare later on.   Get the basics in - wrapping paper, scissors, sticky tape (lots) and on a roll, labels (stick on = easier) with string (more fiddly but prettier), bows and ribbon (nice have, not a must have).

2.       Worried (First week December)
You’ve progressed to feeling worried.  Christmas is on your mind and rather than filling you with excitement, you’re thinking about all the things you still need to do.  Typically, you’re trying to remember those presents you thought were a good idea and trying to recall where you saw them.  You’ll also be conscious of trying to limit spending and get gifts at the best possible price.
TOP TIP – Compartmentalise your gift buying to ease pressure.  Get all nieces, nephews, friends and grandchildren bought before the end of the week. will direct you to the best gifts for children 0 – 16.

3.       Anxious – (Week 2 December)
You’re feeling uncomfortable, bordering on frightened that someone will be left disappointed.  It’s getting difficult to make decisions and you’re questioning some of the gifts you’ve already bought.
TOP TIP – Know what and who you’ve bought for and who’s left to buy for.  Wrap and label those gifts to prevent double buying in a moment of uncertainty. 

4.       Blind panic – (Week 3 - last full week of Xmas shopping)
The day you wake up with a strong feeling of fear that prevents reasonable thought and action.  Budget goes out of the window, you’re looking dishevelled and wide eyed as you dash through the aisles and displays, stuffing a myriad of gifts that will always “come in” when you inevitably overspend and over buy. 
TOP TIP – you’re a sales persons dream – stay away from the shops!  Have a shower, get a cup of tea, make a list of who you need to buy for and set a budget.  Start with the youngest and work up.  Go to to cover everything you need for kids.  Only hit the shops once you have a plan (and not too much left to buy!) has done the hard work for all last minute Laura’s and Lenny’s – they’ve researched the best kids gifts from over 50 retailers and put them together on one website, a bit like having your very own online personal shopper.  Stressed out shoppers can now relax with a cup of tea and a screen and select great kids gifts based on age, gender and price.

Catering for girls and boys aged 0 – 16 – there’s a vast range of presents available, catering for budgets of £5 to “blow the budget”.  Not only that, the site aims to offer the best price available on the internet, meaning no last minute ‘expensive’ panic buys or the disappointment of finding empty shelves.

As advent calendar windows open with alarming speed, panic-stricken, time-poor shoppers can simply click on the gift they want, which takes them directly to the individual retailer’s website.  The site works great from both a desktop and mobile device.

Compare4Kids founder, Rachael Ede, said: “Whether you’re shopping for your own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends, we have gifts to suit everyone and all budgets.  It’s super simple to use and means you can get the Christmas shopping for the kids done quickly and without any hassle, all from the comfort of your armchair.  Or, if you wake in the middle of the night with crushing realisation that you literally have no time left, is the site to come to.”
Retailers listed include Mothercare, Hamleys, Argos, Amazon, I Want One Of Those, Not On The High Street, John Lewis and many more.  Go to

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