Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo!

Direct from Australia, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo brings these awesome prehistoric creatures to the stage as you’ve never seen them before, up close and personal!

When I was given the opportunity to go and see this show I knew I wouldn’t have to ask my 4 year old little boy twice and I was right, he couldn’t wait to meet the Dinosaurs.

One of the benefits to seeing a show at the Wycombe Swann on a Sunday is the car park is right next door and only costs £1.

We had really good seats to the right hand side of the stage and although we were on raised seating we were still able to purchase a booster seat for only £1 from the box office, which Alfie was really pleased with as it made him as tall as us and he kept telling me how comfy he was.

Wherever you had been seated in this show wouldn’t have matter as the children were able to go up onto the stage and interact with the Dinosaurs and during the show & the whole audience were visited from flying ones. The lady in front of us was given quite a scare as it nibbled her hair!

We saw cute baby dinosaurs to teeth - gnashing giants and the we met the most recent addition to the Dinosaur Zoo, a carnivorous theropod know as the Australoventator, the most complete meat-eating dinosaur found in Australia.

The whole show was very informative as on stage the whole time was a Dinosaur Ranger who explained about each Dinosaur, what they ate etc and it reminded me of being at a Panto with some of the comments being funny for adults however going over the children’s heads. It was advertised for all the family ages 3+ which I feel was right however if you plan to visit beware if you book front row seats, be prepared to get very close and for some people during our show this was too much and then moved seats!!

After the show all the children were given an opportunity to go and meet some of the Dinosaurs either in the foyer or on the stage. Alfie was pleased to meet a baby one and enjoyed it nestling up to him.

So many people came out of the show saying how good it was and unlike anything they had seen before and I would have to agree.

For us it didn’t end when we got home either as Alfie was the Australovenator for the rest of day !!

Nicola Woolcott

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