Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New for Old - Tommy's and Brantano's pair up again to show some fancy footwork

Tommy’s, the charity that funds medical research into pregnancy complications and provides free health information on miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth; are running a campaign with Brantano Footwear, where customers bring in their old shoes (in any condition) to the store and receive a £10 off voucher to redeem against any purchases of £40 or more. 
Brantano will donate 20p to Tommy’s for every pair of shoes handed in. This will help fund Tommy’s research into pregnancy complications so that the charity can continue to help parents all over the UK.
How New For Old Works
1. Bring in Your Old Shoes
Between Monday 27th February to Monday 25th March 2012 you can bring your old shoes into 
Brantano's stores in Sussex (Brighton, Worthing and Easstbourne) and Hampshire (Southampton).
Bring as many pairs as you like in any condition: dirty, damaged, worn or unworn.....
2. Get a £10 Off Voucher
For each pair handed in, Brantano give you a £10 off voucher to be used when you spend £40 or more in anyone transaction until 
25th March 2012.
3. Pick Up Your New ShoesYou can use your voucher(s) throughout the store so you can choose from the huge range of Ladies, Men's, Kids' and Sports footwear, as well as their stylish accessories.
All for a good cause
For every pair of old shoes you bring into the store, Brantano will donate 20p to Tommy's, a hugely worthwhile UK charity.
All the shoes you hand in to Brantano are then sold onto a third party partner. The money they receive is also added to their donation to Tommy's. Many of the shoes themselves then go on to support worthwhile causes in Africa. So when you pass on your shoes you'll also be giving others a helping hand.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Keepers from Paradise Wildlife Park and Amey Zoo are throwing down the
challenge, “Is this the biggest anaconda on exhibit in the UK?”. They
believe that they have the largest anaconda on exhibit anywhere in the U.K.

Optimus Prime - biggest anaconda in the UK?
The snake in question, a green anaconda called “Optimus Prime” was measured
on the 31st January at a massive 373cm  long and a hefty 62 kilos in weight.
She needed 12 able-bodied keepers to control her incredible strength. This
equates to one keeper every one foot of snake! The most frightening thing
is, she's still nowhere near fully grown!

Mark Amey, owner and reptile expert at Amey Zoo said, “Anacondas can quite
easily live until they are 40 years of age in captivity. Optimus is only 11
years old, so she has a lot of growing left to do. In the wild they have
been known to grow up to 6 metres long and weigh up to 150 kilos.”
Green anacondas originate from the marshes and swamps of South America.
Optimus, and her smaller mate Megatron are fed on a healthy diet of small
mammals such as rats and mice, but in their natural habitat they would
normally eat capybara and caymans.

Lynn Whitnall, director at Paradise Wildlife Park said, “We believe we have
the largest Anaconda on exhibit at any zoo in the country, but we can't know
for certain. We're inviting any other zoos in the community to come forward
and rise to the challenge!”.

Optimus Prime is currently on exhibit at Paradise Wildlife Park in
Hertfordshire. If you know of any other anacondas that might be bigger than
her, then please get in touch with them at or call 01992