Monday, 17 March 2014

Splashpoint Leisure Centre Wins Civic Trust Award

Worthing’s Splashpoint Leisure Centre has won yet another award.  It was voted ‘winner’ by the civic trust in last weeks awards ceremony due to its outstanding contribution to the quality and appearance of the build environment. 

The award, collected by Councillor Clive Roberts, recognises designs that demonstrate excellence in architecture or design, sustainability, inclusive design and provide a positive social, cultural, environmental or economic benefit to the local community.

The Civic Trust Awards Scheme was established in 1959 and is the longest standing built environment awards scheme in Europe.  During the last 55 years the scheme has continued in its objective to recognise projects that have made a positive contribution to the local communities they serve.  Worthing Borough Council and Wilkinson Eyre Architects were delighted to receive the news.

The external design of Splashpoint and the way it has been designed to complement its environment and location is what made it stand out from the competition. The shape of the building is designed to reduce the visual mass and mediates the change in scale from the terraced houses that line the coastal road to the expansiveness of the open sea. The sloping copper roof is intended to weather with the environment and compliment the natural surroundings.

The building has been raised so that from pool level, there is a powerful visual connection between the pool and the sea and praise was received from the judges in relation to the use of light in the main swimming areas. 
All these factors ensured Splashpoint again won an award having previous been voted winter by the World Architecture Festival in Singapore within their sports category.

Worthing Borough Council and Worthing Leisure are delighted with the award and all the positive publicity received.  Customers are flocking to Splashpoint, memberships are at an all time high and it is a success of which the whole town can be proud.

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