Monday, 24 September 2012

Green Babies Event - 27th September - Dana Centre, London

Your baby may have tiny feet but it leaves a large carbon foot print and can have a considerable environmental impact.

What can we do to make that footprint smaller? Are ‘green’ products really all that eco friendly? Is organic food really worth the price tag? 

Green Babies have brought together environmental experts with wide range of knowledge for you to talk to about the complex issues around green parenting.

Join them with your tiny tots, and they will provide distracting activities so you can enjoy an in depth discussion with their eco experts.

How easy is it for the average mum to be a green parent? Can you care about your baby and the environment in a way that’s easy and inexpensive?

The Science Museum is tackling these issues head on as part of its Climate Changing programme, with a Green Babies’ event on 27 September.

·         A look at celebrity green parents:
  • This January 2012, Jessica Alba launched her new e-commerce, eco-friendly and non-toxic baby product company in January 2012 and has released ‘The Honest life’ guide to Green Parenting
  • Halle Berry reportedly spent nearly $60,000 to create a sustainable nursery, which features everything from organic bed sheets to cotton-stuffed toys that are completely chemical- and pesticide-free.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey chose cloth nappies
  • Daryl Hannah says: “Turn off the TV, go for a hike, move to a smaller house, get solar power, don't poison your kids, pets and yourself by using toxic cleaning products -- choose biodegradable, non-toxic ones, plant an organic garden and shop at your local farmers' market -- it's fun for the whole family."

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