Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sous vide cooking - Minnis Bar & Restaurant in Birchington

Nestling between Kent’s fishing ports of Whitstable and Ramsgate, the
Minnis Bay
Minnis Bar &  Restaurant in Birchington, which offers dinners spectacular
sunsets and a perfect location for watching violent North Sea storms
across Minnis Bay, has announced four new winter menus.

“Sous vide is a professional method of cooking in a vacuum-packed bags
in a water bath cooking at low temperatures for long periods” explained
chef-patron Jason Freedman. “From the molecular school of gastronomy, it
differs from conventional cooking because the raw food is sealed in an
oxygen free environment and cooked using precisely controlled heating at
a variation of only plus or minus a tenth of one degree Centigrade.”

Top-end chefs are increasingly using this innovative cooking method as
the absence of oxidation reactions increases flavour intensity, and
because cooking food at a precise temperature, ensures perfection time
after time.

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