Thursday, 26 May 2011

Let the Children Play

By Wendy Dartnell, AD Landscapes Ltd

There is nothing better than fresh air and natural outdoor play to wear your little ones out!

Don’t we all remember the days when we were safe to run around outside climbing trees, without a worry?  Maybe times have changed, but why not bring the “Good Old Days” back in a safe environment, namely your garden with a hand crafted Timber Playhouse for your children to enjoy.

I remember as a child the joy of having my own “Den” – sometimes sneaking the odd table cloth and plastic picnic bits out of the house to have a mid morning snack and adventure with my friends. Every child dreams of the day that they own their own house (especially girls).  Dressing their Play Houses, inviting their friend in for “tea” – gingham curtains drown for the ultimate in “girly privacy”.

But Play Houses aren’t all about the girly thing, what boy doesn’t want to climb the ladder, leading to his secret hide away to indulge in his treasures found in the depths of the greenery below? AKA you’re back garden. Why not add a timber Fort to the adventure that leads to the ultimate Ariel Runway?! Set only for the courageous.

Providing children with a safe Play Area, not only benefits them but you too as parents! 
While they happily play in the safety of the leafy comforts of your garden, you can sit back and relax knowing you don’t have to get behind the wheel, pay entry to an event (and even more for parking.) You can maybe treat yourself to a glass of chilled wine at the weekend – so everyone’s a winner. Even get some friends over to share the day. 

With the summer barmy evenings ahead of us, BBQ’s are going to be on the menu, while you occasionally turn the meat and vegetables on the BBQ let your little ones and their friends run around the garden, climbing around their Play House – working up an appetite.  Once the food is cooked why not set them up to eat “al Fresco” in their “Den” – a real treat from the norm.  You can then sit back and chat to your friends, knowing that the children are happy and content, whilst you enjoy your food and another glass of some chilled, watching the sun set.  Then taking the children up to bed, knowing that they will be dreaming of the adventures of the evening.  The perfect evening!

The summer months really are an excellent time to put the television to bed for a while – getting the children outside from Breakfast till Supper time is the best mental and physical simulation that they can get.  Why not serve Breakfast during the Summer Holidays in their “Den” as a treat.  Leaving you to set nearby and drink your morning brew.   Once they are finished you can all set about harvesting your Organic Vegetable produce that you planted earlier in the season around the base of your Play House, ready for supper.

Then there’s the “Sleep Over” with camping becoming all the more popular during these trying recession times why not go even easier? Set up the sleeping bags and let your children invite a few friends over to have a “Sleep Over” in their Play House so why bother with the weekend away?! And whilst they are snuggled up tight why not invite their parents to stay for supper and drinks? Any excuse for a social event.

A D Landscapes Ltd are a professional Sevenoaks based company that specialise in tailor-made Children’s Playhouses, Forts, Tree Houses with Draw Bridge and many other magical natural timber structures.  Established in 2001, Director Antony Dartnell trained for 7 years before establishing his company.

“It’s my passion” explains Antony. “There is nothing more satisfying for a Designer and parent to design and construct a Playhouse to suit my clients needs” “The look on their children’s faces as they explore the completed project is worth all the meticulous work that goes into each project.

“There is so much pressure for children to perform educationally, I think that sometimes we can forget that active play, with loads of imagination both relaxes the brain whilst stimulates the want to learn”.  Antony adds.

Aren’t we all sometimes stuck for that special presents for our little ones, with a Tailor Made structure, how could that not put a smile on their face, Especially when they see its been customised with their name and inscription above the door for prosperity.

And there’s more, each structure is Tailor Made to stimulate your little ones whilst complimenting your garden, with a unique feature enhancing the existing tranquility of your garden, there is no need for the overpowering equipment that children’s toys can sometimes bring to your garden. Don’t worry if you don’t have a massive garden each Play Area is designed, constructed and personalised to your own specification to sit, within your existing garden whilst set in proportion for all your needs.  

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